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Scottish Rite Valley of Dallas


The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry entered Dallas with the permanent charter of Dallas Lodge of Perfection granted on October 20, 1897.

During the past one-hundred and ten years, the Bodies have had three homes, or meeting places in the city. The first was in the Stafford Building at 1704 Elm Street, where the Lodge of Perfection met at intervals and gave the degrees chiefly by communication.

After a short time the place of meeting was moved to the Dan Sullivan Building, with a 25 foot front, on the north side of Commerce between Lamar and Poydras Streets. The Bodies remained in their cramped quarters there until adequate space could be acquired for their purpose in a permanent home of their own.

Plans for a new home began when "The Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral Association" was organized in 1903. No Reunion had up to this time been held in The Valley of Dallas for lack of suitable quarters. In May, 1904, the first Reunion of the Rite took place in Turner Hall at Harwood and Canton Streets on the site on which the Masonic Temple now stands. They continued to be held there until November, 1908, when the tenth Reunion was held in the new Cathedral.

The Dallas Bodies soon felt the need for a paper to keep their members Masonically informed. So the first issue of the SCOTTISH RITE HERALD came from the press in March, 1910. DeWitt McMurray, 32°, later 33°, was the first editor. The HERALD has entered the millennium with a new look beginning with the title, The Scottish Rite News of the Valley of Dallas. It continues to record matters of Masonic interest to the members of the Valley of Dallas.

From the entrance of Scottish Rite Masonry in Dallas by the establishment of the Lodge of Perfection on Elm Street one-hundred and ten years ago, to the present, the membership of that Body has increased from 64 charter members to about 7,000.


Scottish Rite Valley of Fort Worth


The Scottish Rite has been called the “University” of Freemasonry. In the Scottish Rite, we have the chance to embrace a broad and sweeping education in the morals and ethics of Freemasonry. Freedom of thought and expression are cornerstones of our fraternity. Self-improvement
is our goal.
Located in downtown Fort Worth at the corner of Lancaster and Henderson Streets, the Fort Worth
Masonic Temple was
erected in 1932 by a group of Masons with a great vision for the future. Here we celebrate the glory of the wisdom of the Grand Architect of the Universe in our aim to further human progress. We invite you to visit us and find out what we have to offer. We are proud of our heritage. 


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