The Grottoes of North America


The Grottoes of North America is a charitable organization, dedicated to promoting Goodfellowship, Friendship, and fun amongst Master Masons.

Alla Grotto, Dallas, Texas


Welcome to Alla Grotto. As you know membership is the life of every organization and Alla Grotto is no different, except we have so much to offer for a small investment. We hope that you will learn about the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm (MOVPER) and join. The only prerequisite is good standing as a Master Mason and the willingness to enjoy good friendship. If you have never been asked to be a Grotto Prophet, then here is your invitation. Please join the “Fraternity that Friendship Built!”

El Texa Grotto, Fort Worth, Texas


The man who comes to the El Texa Grotto had his Masonic origin in a Blue Lodge,where he was taught to reverence the name of GOD, and to pray for guidance. He came on through the Degrees where his knowledge of the dignity of Masonry was expanded, and the GROTTO was provided for him as a place where he might join with his Brothers in letting human instincts for fun, pleasure, and amusement have sway.

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